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CUSTOMS NOTIFICATION NO.-72/2017-(NT), Dated: July 20, 2017

Rate of exchange of conversion of foreign currency WEF 21.07.2017.

INCOME-TAX NOTIFICATION NO. 63/2017, DATE - 19th July, 2017

CBDT rescinds 3 Income Tax Notifications.

INCOME-TAX NOTIFICATION NO. 64/2017, DATE - 19th July, 2017

CBDT amends jurisdictions of Principal CITs & CCITs.

CDBT CIRCULAR NO.-23/2017, Dated: July 19th, 2017

TDS not deductible on GST Component: CBDT.

INCOME-TAX NOTIFICATION NO. 62/2017, DATE - 18th July, 2017

Income-tax (21st Amendment) Rules, 2017.

CENTRAL NOTIFICATION NO. 21/2017, DATE - 18th July, 2017

CBEC rescinds 6 Excise Notifications (Tariff) related to Textile.

CENTRAL EXCISE Notification No. 22/2017 - (N.T.), DATE : 18th July, 2017

CBEC rescinds 5 Excise Non -Tariff Notifications.

CUSTOMS NOTIFICATION NO.-71/2017-(N.T.), DATE -14-07-2017

Notification No. 71/2017-Customs (N.T.), Dated: 14.07.2017

Customs Notification No. 67/2017 , Dated: 14th July, 2017

The Central Government makes further amendments in the notification of the Government of India in the Ministry of Finance (Department of Revenue) No. 25/2005-Customs

CUSTOMS NOTIFICATION NO.-34/2017(ADD), Dated: July 13, 2017

Anti- dumping duty on imports of Grinding Media Balls.

CUSTOMS NOTIFICATION NO.-35/2017(ADD); Dated: July 13, 2017

Anti-dumping duty on imports of \'O-Acid\' from China


CBDT notifies rules to determine of Fair Market Value of unquoted shares.

Central Tax Notification No. 16/2017, DATE - 7th July, 2017

LOU in place of a bond for export without payment of IGST- Conditions.

INCOME TAX Notification No. 60/2017, DATE -06/07/2017

CBDT relaxes PAN requirement for Section 269T reporting in 3CD.

INCOME TAX NOTIFICATION NO. 59/2017, DATE - 4th July, 2017

SUBJECT :-CBDT Amends Rule 29B and Form No. 15C

Editor's Column

New scope for utilisation of credit of Education and SHE Cess for payment of basic excise duty

New scope for utilisation of credit of Education and SHE Cess for payment of basic excise duty Rule 3(7)(b) of the CCR, 2004 has been amended vide Notification No.12/2015-Central Excise (N.T.), dated 30.04.2015 so as to allow ...