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Master Circular - 3 dated 21-2-2008

Remittance Facilities for Non-Resident Indians / Persons of Indian Origin / Foreign Nationals

NOTIFICATION NO. G.S.R. 664(E) [NO. FEMA 158/2007-RB] DATED 3-9-2007

Foreign Exchange Management (Deposit) (Second Amendment) Regulations, 2007

NOTIFICATION NO. G.S.R. 663(E) [NO. FEMA 157/2007-RB] DATED 30-8-2007

Foreign Exchange Management (Borrowing or Lending in Foreign Exchange) (Amendment) Regulations, 2007.

NOTIFICATION NO. GSR 455(E) [No. fema 154/2007-RB], dated 7-6-2007

Foreign Exchange Management (Foreign currency account by a Person resident in India) (Amendment) Regulations, 2007 - Amendment in regulation 7 and schedule 

NOTIFICATION NO. GSR 456(E) [No. fema 155/2007-RB], dated 7-6-2007

Foreign Exchange Management (Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property Outside India) (Amendment) Regulations, 2007 - Amendment in regulation 5 

fema NOTIFICATION No. GSR 400(E), 152 , dT 15-5-2007

Foreign Exchange Management (Remittance of Assets) Regulations, 2007

RBI/ 2006-07/262 DBOD.No.BL.BC. 59 /22.01.010 /2006-07 - Dt: 21-2-07

Guidelines for Doorstep Banking -Banks were advised to formulate a scheme with the approval of their Boards, for providing services at the premises of a customer

RBI/2006-2007/249 RPCD.CO.RF.BC.No. 44/07.38.01/2006-07 Dated February 6, 2007

Interest Rate on Non-Resident (External) Rupee (NRE) Deposits

NOTIFICATION NO. G.S.R. 31(E), DATED 18-1-2007


NOTIFICATION G.S.R. 196(E)[No. FEMA 151/2007-RB], DATED 4-1-2007

Foreign Exchange Management (Guarantees) (Amendment) Regulations, 2007 - Amendment in regulation 4

RBI (Draft Guidelines) DBOD.BP.No. 781 / 21.04.018/ 2006-07 December 19, 2006

Draft guidelines related to Accounting Standard 17issued by RBI

RBI/ 2006-07/ 171 -Ref. No. DGBA.CDD. No. H- 7667 / 15.15.001 / 2006-07 Dated: November 10, 2006

TDS on interest payable under Senior Citizens Savings Scheme, 2004 -Non-acceptance of Form No. 15 H and 15 G by Banks

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Unexpectedly high transitional input tax credit claims of Rs 65,000 crore by businesses is now a huge headache for the Govt

With the deadline for filing Goods and Services Tax (GST) returns for August coming to an end in less than 48 hours, only 8 lakh taxpayers have filed their GSTR-3B- a short summary return, at the end of Monday, said sources famili ...