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Master Circular - 3 dated 21-2-2008

Remittance Facilities for Non-Resident Indians / Persons of Indian Origin / Foreign Nationals

NOTIFICATION NO. G.S.R. 664(E) [NO. FEMA 158/2007-RB] DATED 3-9-2007

Foreign Exchange Management (Deposit) (Second Amendment) Regulations, 2007

NOTIFICATION NO. G.S.R. 663(E) [NO. FEMA 157/2007-RB] DATED 30-8-2007

Foreign Exchange Management (Borrowing or Lending in Foreign Exchange) (Amendment) Regulations, 2007.

NOTIFICATION NO. GSR 455(E) [No. fema 154/2007-RB], dated 7-6-2007

Foreign Exchange Management (Foreign currency account by a Person resident in India) (Amendment) Regulations, 2007 - Amendment in regulation 7 and schedule 

NOTIFICATION NO. GSR 456(E) [No. fema 155/2007-RB], dated 7-6-2007

Foreign Exchange Management (Acquisition and Transfer of Immovable Property Outside India) (Amendment) Regulations, 2007 - Amendment in regulation 5 

fema NOTIFICATION No. GSR 400(E), 152 , dT 15-5-2007

Foreign Exchange Management (Remittance of Assets) Regulations, 2007

RBI/ 2006-07/262 DBOD.No.BL.BC. 59 /22.01.010 /2006-07 - Dt: 21-2-07

Guidelines for Doorstep Banking -Banks were advised to formulate a scheme with the approval of their Boards, for providing services at the premises of a customer

RBI/2006-2007/249 RPCD.CO.RF.BC.No. 44/07.38.01/2006-07 Dated February 6, 2007

Interest Rate on Non-Resident (External) Rupee (NRE) Deposits

NOTIFICATION NO. G.S.R. 31(E), DATED 18-1-2007


NOTIFICATION G.S.R. 196(E)[No. FEMA 151/2007-RB], DATED 4-1-2007

Foreign Exchange Management (Guarantees) (Amendment) Regulations, 2007 - Amendment in regulation 4

RBI (Draft Guidelines) DBOD.BP.No. 781 / 21.04.018/ 2006-07 December 19, 2006

Draft guidelines related to Accounting Standard 17issued by RBI

RBI/ 2006-07/ 171 -Ref. No. DGBA.CDD. No. H- 7667 / 15.15.001 / 2006-07 Dated: November 10, 2006

TDS on interest payable under Senior Citizens Savings Scheme, 2004 -Non-acceptance of Form No. 15 H and 15 G by Banks

Editor's Column

Huge relief for manufacturers -No GST payments on advances received for supplying goods

On Wednesday, the Central Government spared businesses from paying GST on advance amounts they have received for goods which are to be supplied later in the future. The step was aimed to help clear the confusion over tax liabiliti ...