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DGFT PUBLIC NOTICE NO.-16/2015-2020, Dated: August 04, 2017

Amendment in Appendix - 2E of Foreign Trade Policy, 2015-2020 - reg.

DGFT PUBLIC NOTICE NO.-15/2015-2020, Dated: August 02, 2017

Export policy of Muli-bamboo and bamboo products - Proforma for issue of Certificate of Origin (COO) regarding.

DGFT PUBLIC NOTICE NO.-14/2015-2020, Dated: July 31, 2017

Trade in Border Haats across the border between Bangladesh and India.

DGFT PUBLIC NOTICE NO.-12/2015-2020, Dated: July 27, 2017

Modification of SION existing at Sl. No. E 8 for export product \"Cashew Kernel\"

DGFT PUBLIC NOTICE NO.-13/2015-2020, Dated: July 27, 2017

Allocation of quantity for export of preferential quota sugar to USA under TRQ quota.

DGFT PUBLIC NOTICE NO.-11/2015-2020, Dated: July 26, 2017

Amendment in paras 2.16, 2.20, 2.51, 2.74, 2.79 and 2.80 of the Handbook of Procedures (HBP) of Foreign Trade Policy (FTP) 2015-20-regarding.

DGFT PUBLIC NOTICE NO.-10/2015-2020, Dated: June 30, 2017

Extending Merchandise Exports from India Scheme (MEIS) benefit for \'Onions Fresh or Chilled\' under ITC (HS) code 07031010 upto 30.09.2017.

DGFT PUBLIC NOTICE NO.9/2015-20, Dated: June 29, 2017

Modification in para 2.07 (b) of Handbook of Procedure (2015-20) - regd.

PUBLIC NOTICE NO.08/2017, DT. 24/05/2017

Amendment in the Public Notice No. 05/2015-2020 dated 27th April, 2017

DGFT PUBLIC NOTICE NO.07/2017, DT. 17/05/2017

SCOMET Export permission for \'Stock & Sale\' purposes

PUBLIC NOTICE NO-05 /(2015-2020), Dated: April 27, 2017

Change in office address of Regional Office of DGFT at Puducherry and Head of Office at Regional Office of DGFT at Ludhiana, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Bengaluru in Appendix - 1 A of Foreign Trade policy, 2015-20.

PUBLIC NOTICE NO-6/(2015-2020), Dated: April 27, 2017

Inclusion of Seaport located at Hazira (Surat) Port as a Port of registration under Para 4.37 of Handbook of Procedures 2015-20 - reg.

PUBLIC NOTICE NO.03/2017, DT. 21/04/2017

Services Exports from India Scheme (SEIS)- Schedule under Appendix 3D as annexure to the Public Notice No. 3/2015-20 dated 1st April, 2015-Eligible period extended up to 31.3.2017

PUBLIC NOTICE NO -02/2015-2020, Dated: April 19, 2017

Amendment in Standard Input Output Norms A-39 under Chemical & Allied Product Group?reg.

PUBLIC NOTICE NO -1/2015-2020, Dated: April 13, 2017

The product description in the MEIS Schedules existing prior to Public Notice 61 dated 07.03.2017 has been corrected in line with ITC (HS)

Editor's Column

New scope for utilisation of credit of Education and SHE Cess for payment of basic excise duty

New scope for utilisation of credit of Education and SHE Cess for payment of basic excise duty Rule 3(7)(b) of the CCR, 2004 has been amended vide Notification No.12/2015-Central Excise (N.T.), dated 30.04.2015 so as to allow ...