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INCOME TAX NOTIFICATION NO. 85/2017, DATE - 26th September, 2017

CBDT notifies Federation internationale de Football Association U/s 10(39).

INCOME TAX NOTIFICATION NO. 86/2017, DATE - 26th September, 2017

CBDT: Sitting fee for attending meeting of National Committee increased to Rs. 6000 per day.

INCOME TAX NOTIFICATION NO. 82/2017, DATE - 30th August, 2017

Protocol to amend India-Vietnam DTAA notified.

INCOME TAX NOTIFICATION NO. 83/2017, DATE - 30th August, 2017

Section 10(18)(i)- Central Government specifies Gallantry awards.

INCOME TAX NOTIFICATION NO. 84/2017, DATE - 30th August, 2017

S. 10(46) Central Govt notifies Gujarat Electricity Regulatory Commission.

INCOME TAX NOTIFICATION NO. 81/2017, DATE - 20th August, 2017

SUBJECT :- Section 35(1) (ii) Central Government approves organization M/s Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine, Bangalore.

INCOME TAX NOTIFICATION NO. 80/2017, DATE - 18th August, 2017

CBDT notifies revised Form no. 29B for MAT audit with Annexures.

INCOME TAX NOTIFICATION NO. 79/2017, DATE - 8th August, 2017

S. 54EC CBDT allows Indian Railway Finance Corp. Ltd to issued Bond.

INCOME TAX NOTIFICATION No. 77/2017, DATE : 3rd August, 2017

Notification No. 77/2017-Income Tax dated 3rd August 2017.

INCOME TAX NOTIFICATION NO. 78/2017, Dated: 3rd August, 2017

CBDT notifies countries ; specified territories for Sec. 9A(3)(b)

INCOME TAX NOTIFICATION 75/2017, Dated: 28th July, 2017

India enters Multilateral Competent Authority Agreement on Exchange of Country by Country Reports

INCOME TAX NOTIFICATION NO. 76/2017, Dated: 28th July, 2017

S. 10(46) CBDT notifies Himachal Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission

INCOME TAX NOTIFICATION No.73/2017, Dated: 26th July, 2017

Income Tax Notification on Deemed demerger of Company ceased to be public sector company

INCOME TAX NOTIFICATION NO. 74/2017, Dated: 26th ;of July, 2017

CBDT to share details with ROC of Income Taxpayers

INCOME TAX NOTIFICATION NO. 71/2017, Dated: 25th July, 2017

Amendment in Authority under Prohibition of Benami Property Law

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Unexpectedly high transitional input tax credit claims of Rs 65,000 crore by businesses is now a huge headache for the Govt

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