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Last Updated : Monday 24th November, 2014 - 3:31am

Anti-dumping duty imposed on imports of Digital Versatile Discs-Recordable (DVD-R and DVD-RW) originating in or exported from the People's Republic of China, Hong Kong and Chinese Taipei for 5 years Continue reading | Anti-dumping duty imposed on imports of Diclofenac Sodium originating in or exported from the People's Republic of China for 5 years Continue reading | Anti-malarial drugs, diagnostics etc. for Intensified Malaria Control Project exempted from Central Excise and Customs duty Continue reading | Modification of SION A-1475 and SIONs A-1839, A-1841 and A-1842. Continue reading | Acquisition/Transfer of Immovable property - it is clarified that transactions involving acquisition of immovable property under these regulations shall be subject to the applicable tax laws in India. Continue reading | Export of Goods/Software/Services - period of realization and repatriation of export proceeds shall be nine months from the date of export for all exporters including Units in SEZs, Status Holder Exporters, EOUs, Units in EHTPs, STPs & BTPs until further notice. Continue reading | Exchange Rate for the purpose of import and export with effect from  21st November , 2014 Continue reading | Policy for issue of import licenses of Rough Marble and Travertine Blocks for the Financial year 2014-15. Continue reading | India's Import/export regulation for items under Crime Control (CC) & Regional Security (RS) of USA. Continue reading | Import Policy of Scheduled Chemicals notified Continue reading |
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Hariyana Schedules

GOODS taxable at 12%

(See sub-clause (iv) of clause (a) of sub-section (1) of section 7)
Continue reading

Schedule G

Levy of Tax on Retail Price/Face Continue reading

Schedule F

Goods referred to in proviso to section 3(3) as liable to purchase tax when exported out of India Continue reading

Schedule E

Goods not eligible for Input Tax Credit Continue reading

Schedule D

Goods of any description sold to the Government subject to tax calculated at the rate mentioned against such goods, otherwise, calculated at four per cent
Continue reading


Goods Taxable at 4% Continue reading


Exempted Goods
Continue reading

Schedule A

Goods taxable at the rates specified in the goods
Continue reading


Goods taxable at the rates specified in the goods Continue reading


Exempted Goods Continue reading

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