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Last Updated : Thursday 29th January, 2015 - 1:41am

Spelling mistakes in product description in Appendix 37-D of HBPvl, notified through Public Notice No. 52 dated 25.02.2014 have been corrected. Continue reading | Simplification of Customs procedures for shipping -CBEC issues guidelines Continue reading | Merging of Commercial invoice and packing list -CBEC issues guidelines Continue reading | Export obligation period has been reduced to six months from the date of clearance of each consignment by customs authority, wherever Natural Rubber is allowed as an input under Advance Authorisation / DFIA Schemes. Continue reading | Srinagar (Tripura)- midpoint between Purbamadhugram and Choygharia, Border Pillar No. 2195/5S and 6S. notified for Routes for import and export of goods by land or inland water ways. Continue reading | Implementation of GST's tech network may see minor delays Continue reading | Amends Notification No 12/2012 to omit certain entry Continue reading | Amends Notification No - 12/2012 to omit third proviso in openign para Continue reading | Anti-dumping duty on “Melamine” from China, imposed vide notification No. 10/2010-Customs, dated the 19th February, 2010 for a further period of one year i.e. upto and inclusive of 18.02.2016 Continue reading | Online IEC applications: Postponement of the date of operationalisation of Public Notice No. 76 dated the 27th of November, 2014 Continue reading |
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RULE 206

206. Manner of issuance of permit for exhibition-cum-sale
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RULE 142

142. Functional jurisdiction of revisional authorities under section 85 or section 86
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78. Refund under clause (c) of section 61 of tax paid or payable by the agencies of the United Nations on purchases of goods made in West Bengal
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14. Manner of imposition of penalty on registered dealer for failure to furnish information under section 27A, 27B, 27C and 27D
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RULE 193

193. Cessation of validity of certificate of eligibility
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RULE 129

129. Auction sale of seized goods for default in payment of tax, penalty, etc
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65. Determination of interest payable by a dealer for delayed payment or non-payment of assessed amount of tax
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1. Short title and commencement
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RULE 180

180. Output tax not to be remitted in the event of rejection of application for certificate of eligibility or renewal thereof in respect of a newly set up industrial unit or the expanded portion of an existing industrial unit
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RULE 116

116. Surrender of unused blank way bill forms by registered dealers for cancellation
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