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Last Updated : Tuesday 2nd December, 2014 - 3:12pm

Exchange Rate for the purpose of import and export with effect from  19th December , 2014 Continue reading | Procedure for export of Certified Organic Products has been deferred till further orders. Continue reading | Authentication of supply invoice/ ARE-3 by the Central Excise Authorities for Claiming Deemed export benefits Continue reading | Amendment to CESTAT Appeal Forms -CBEC issues guidelines Continue reading | Govt. amends exchange rate for Japanese Yen Continue reading | PAC Bats for Revamping of 6 Economic Intel Agencies Continue reading | Central Government exempts all goods donated or purchased out of cash donations, for the relief and rehabilitation of the people affected by the floods in the State of Jammu and Kashmir Continue reading | Central Government exempts all goods when imported into India and intended for donation for the relief and rehabilitation of the people affected by the floods in the State of Jammu and Kashmir Continue reading | Definitive anti-dumping duty imposed on imports of Clear Float Glass of nominal thicknesses Continue reading | Specified officers of DRI and DGCEI to attend to work relating to adjudication of case where show cause notices of short levy / non levy of customs duty have been issued under section 28 of the Customs Act 1962. Continue reading |
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2014-ITS-1698-ITAT-Indian Chamber of Commerce -Vs- Income-tax Officer, Exemption-I,Kolkata , On. DECEMBER  2, 2014 

Though income of Chamber of Commerce held as business receipt, yet Sec. 11 relief available as profit motive absent Continue reading

2014-ITS-1705-ITAT-Aramex India (P.) Ltd. -Vs- Deputy Commissioner of Income-tax, Range 8 (1) , On. NOVEMBER  28, 2014 

 TP adjustments had not be made if assessee was actually benefitted from reciprocal arrangements with its foreign AEs + The Assessee demonstrated that it actually benefitted in the arrangement where it delivered inbound packets in India as courier in lieu of delivery of outbound packets by AEs as couriers in their respective country. Continue reading

2014-ITS-1704-ITAT-XL India Business Services (P.) Ltd. -Vs- Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax, Circle 18 (1), New Delhi , NOVEMBER  25, 2014 

The Assessing Officer cannot make a reference to TPO unless the income-tax return is pending before the AO and the time-limit for issue of notice under Section 143(2) is available. Thus, reassessment made on basis of such report is not sustainable in law Continue reading

2014-ITS-1703-ITAT-Deputy Commissioner of Income-tax, Circle 1 (1), New Delhi -Vs- Alcatel India Ltd. , On. NOVEMBER  25, 2014 

 ALP adjustments could be made only in respect of international transactions with AEs and could not be extended to transactions with non-AEs. Thus, TPO was directed to verify the computation of ALP adjustment and exclude the transactions with non-AEs while calculating ALP under TNM method. Continue reading

2014-ITS-1702-ITAT-Delmas France -Vs- Assistant Director of Income-tax (International Taxation) -1(2) , On. NOVEMBER  19, 2014 

As per Article 5(6) of India-France DTAA, even if agent is wholly or almost wholly dependent on the foreign enterprise he still will not constitute dependent agent PE unless additional condition of the transactions being not at arm’s length price is fulfilled. The initial onus is upon the Revenue to show that the transactions are not at arm’s length price, thus, AO was directed to examine whether the transactions between the agent and assessee (i.e., foreign company) were at arm’s length price and decide the issue afresh in the light of the provisions of Article 5(6) of India-French DTAA Continue reading

2014-ITS-1701-ITAT-Toll Global Forwarding India (P.) Ltd. -Vs- Deputy Commissioner of Income-tax, Circle -2(1), New Delhi , On. NOVEMBER  18, 2014 

Where assessee, along with its associated enterprise, offers multi modal transportation services to business to business shippers through global freight forwarding services in relation to both import and export, 50:50 business model of sharing profits in equal ratio with service provider at other end of transaction, is a standard practice Continue reading

2014-ITS-1700-ITAT-Kenexa Technologies (P.) Ltd. -Vs- Deputy Commissioner of Income-tax, Circle -2(1), Hyderabad , On. NOVEMBER  14, 2014 

While computing margin of assessee in its TP study, issue of segmental information to be considered; TPO should verify whether assessee had maintained separate books of account which were audited by statutory auditors of Software Development Services and, if so, TPO should consider audited segmental information and use only AE segment for computing assessee’s PLI. Continue reading

2014-ITS-1699-ITAT-Deputy Commissioner of Income-tax, Circle -11(1), New Delhi -Vs- Exxon Mobil Gas (India) (P.) Ltd , On. NOVEMBER  13, 2014 

Non-operating incomes and non-operating expenses would be excluded while computing net operating profit under TNMM to determine profit level indicator of comparable company. Continue reading

2014-ITS-1606-ITAT-Johnson & Johnson Ltd -Vs- Additional Commissioner of Income-tax, LTU , On. OCTOBER  31, 2014 

 If Tribunal grants stay of recovery of demand, the Assessing Officer cannot collect the pending amount from assessee even after obtaining a consent letter from him. Continue reading

2014-ITS-1607-ITAT-Yamaha Motor India (P.) Ltd. -Vs- Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax, Circle -18 (1), New Delhi , On. OCTOBER  29, 2014 

OECD guidelines provide that in no case transaction profit method (TNMM/PSM) should be used on enterprises which are less or more successful than the average and where the reasons for success/lack thereof is attributable to commercial factors Continue reading

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