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Last Updated : Tuesday 18th March, 2014 - 11:33am

Amendment in the date of effect for implementation of Self-certification regarding compliance of bar-coding requirements on secondary and tertiary level packaging on export consignment of pharmaceuticals and drugs. Continue reading | CBEC hikes tariff value of gold and silver - reduces for Crude Soya oil and RBD Palmolein Continue reading | Export of pulses to Republic of Maldives in terms of Notification No. 77 of 27.03.2014 would be permitted through M/s. PEC Ltd. Continue reading | Manual filing and processing of Bills of Entry/Shipping Bills - stringent checks required to prevent misuse Continue reading | Aurangabad notified for unloading of imported goods and loading of export goods or any class of such goods Continue reading | Import of Pesticides - Common Order dated 05.09.2013 passed by Hon'ble Gujarat High Court in various Civil Applications Continue reading | I-T return filed after last date needs CBDT approval Continue reading | Exchange Rate for the purpose of import and export with effect from 4th April, 2014 Continue reading | PAN-less candidates with over Rs 5 crore to face I-T scrutiny Continue reading | CBDT orders for distribution of zones amongst CBDT members with effect from April 1, 2014 Continue reading |
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Category Archives: High Court Orders

High Court Orders

2014-ITS-399-HC-Director of Income-tax (Exemption) -Vs- Charanjiv Charitable Trust , On. MARCH  18, 2014 

Where trust pays advance to the extent of 95 per cent of cost of property purchased to prohibited person without taking possession and without concluding a proper sale deed even after one year from the date of deal and then canceling the deal and getting the advance back without interest, section 13(1)(c)(ii) read with section 13(2)(a) is attracted and this will result in loss of income-tax exemption under section 11. Continue reading

2014-ITS-401-HC-Gulshan Malik -Vs- Commissioner of Income-tax , On. MARCH  14, 2014 

36 months period under section 2(42A) for booking rights should be counted from date of buyer’s agreement with builders Continue reading

2014-ITS-401-HC-Coca-Cola India (P.) Ltd. -Vs- Assistant Registrar representing Income Tax Appellate Tribunal, On. MARCH  4, 2014 

The question of irreparable loss not the only consideration while dealing with application for stay of demand . If this were so, every assessee with the means of deposit would be denied a right to seek stay of demand irrespective of the merits of his case. Continue reading

2014-ITS-170-HC-Acorus Unitech Wireless (P.) Ltd. -Vs- Assistant Commissioner of Income-tax , On. FEBRUARY  28, 2014 

Only when the privilege is claimed as regards the reasons recorded (i.e. the satisfaction note), or when no material is provided in addition to the mere assertion of the subjective satisfaction of the AO, may the principle denying privilege or confidentiality operate. Even then, the claim for privilege may still prevail in that the Court may consider the manner in which the documents are to be inspected, but such questions does not arise in cases such as the present, where concrete and specific details – which support the belief under Section 147/148 – are communicated to the assessee independent of the document sought to be disclosed. Thus, the non-disclosure of the 2G Spectrum Report does not affect the impugned notice in this case. Continue reading

2014-ITS-132-ITAT-POSCO Engineering & Construction Co. Ltd. -Vs- Additional Director of Income-tax, Range-3, International Taxation , On. FEBRUARY  26, 2014 

PLI for TNMM computed w.r.t. ‘costs incurred’ should use total operating costs and not just direct costs Continue reading

2014-ITS-130-HC-BBC World News Ltd. -Vs- Assistant Director of Income-tax, Circle -1 (1) , On. FEBRUARY  21, 2014 

Extended time limit of 6 years under section 149(1)(b) requires data for prima facie computation of income escaping assessment Continue reading

2014-ITS-128-HC-AT & T Communication Services India (P.) Ltd. -Vs- Commissioner of Income-tax -I , On. FEBRUARY  21, 2014 

Even after TPO makes adjustments under section 92CA, special audit can be directed by AO under section 142(2A) Continue reading

2014-ITS-115-HC-Dineshchandra Bhailalbhai Gandhi -Vs- Tax Recovery Officer , On. FEBRUARY  12, 2014 

PPF account is immune from attachment and sale for recovery of income-tax dues Continue reading

2014-ITS-514-HC-Vidya Investment & Trading Co. (P.) Ltd. Vs- Union of India , On. FEBRUARY  7, 2014 

Partners are entitled to claim exemption under Section 10(2A), on the share of profit received from the firm even if it includes that income also which was exempted in the hands of the firm under various provisions of Section 10. Continue reading

2014-ITS-116-HC-Oswal Agro Mills Ltd. -Vs- Commissioner of Income-tax , On. FEBRUARY  7, 2014 

Section 43B doesn’t apply to contractual liability to pay customs duty to the importer of goods Continue reading

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