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Customs Notification No- 8/2016 Dated: February 5, 2016

Goods imported into India for display or use at an event subject to re-export excempted from customs duty

Customs Notification No - 19/2016 (NT), Dated: February 5, 2016

Central Government notifies the list of countries as developing countries

DGFT Notification No. 38/2015-2020 Dated 05/02/2016

Minimum Import Priee (MIP) on Iron and Steel under Chapter 72 of ITC (IIS), 2012 - Schedule - 1 (Import Policy): amendment in import Policy Conditions.

A P (DIR Series) CIRCULAR NO -49/ RBI., Dated: February 04, 2016

Post Office (Postal Orders/Money Orders), 2015

Customs Notification No - 18/2016 (N.T.), Dated: February 04, 2016

Rate of exchange of conversion of the foreign currency with effect from 5th February, 2016

Service Tax Notification No - 03/2016 Dated: February 03, 2016

Amendments in the notification No. 39/2012 ? Service Tax, dated the 20th June, 2012 to include Swachh Bharat Cess

CBEC CIRCULAR NO-03/2016-Customs, Dated: February 03, 2016

Extending the Indian Customs Single Window to other locations and other Participating Government Agencies -CBEC issues guidelines

CENTRAL EXCISE NOTIFICATION NO -02/2016 (N.T), Dated: February 03, 2016

CENVAT credit of any duty not to be utilised for payment of the Swachh Bharat Cess

DGFT NOTIFICATION NO-37/2015-2020, Dated: February 3, 2016

Conditions for export of sesame seeds to European Union countries have been notified.

CENTRAL EXCISE NOTIFICATION NO -03/2016 (N.T), Dated: February 03, 2016

Export of all excisable goods without payment of duty to various Hydro Electric Projec in Bhutan

PUBLIC NOTICE NO - 60/2015-20 Dated February 3 2016

SCOMET Export permission for Stock and Sale purposes and for export of spare parts

CBEC CIRCULAR NO-1015/3/2016-CX, Dated: February 03, 2016

Refund of Excise duty on purchase of cars by physically handicapped persons - CBEC issues guidelines

Customs Notification No. 7/2016 Dated 02/02/2016

Further amendment to notification No. 12/2012- Customs dated 17.03.2012.

PUBLIC NOTICE No.59/2015-2020 DATED 02/02/2016

Two Pre-Shipment Inspection Agencies (PSIA) are added in Appendix 2G at Sl. No.36 & 37 upto 31st May 2016.

DGFT NOTIFICATION No.36/2015-2020 Dated 02/02/2016

Amendment in policy condition No.9 of Chapter 87 of ITC (HS), 2012 Schedule 1 (Import Policy).

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New scope for utilisation of credit of Education and SHE Cess for payment of basic excise duty

New scope for utilisation of credit of Education and SHE Cess for payment of basic excise dutyRule 3(7)(b) of the CCR, 2004 has been amended vide Notification No.12/2015-Central Excise (N.T.), dated 30.04.2015 so as ...