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Customs Notification No - 46/2015 (ADD), Dated: September 4, 2015

Anti-dumping duty impoesd on acrylonitrile butadiene rubber originating in, or exported from, Korea RP for 5 years

PUBLIC NOTICE NO -32/2015-20, Dated: September 04, 2015

The Appendix?2X is being introduced in the Appendix and Ayat Niryat Forms of FTP 2015 -20 listing the countries wherefrom import of Textiles and Textile Articles is exempted from testing of samples for presence of Azo Dyes.

PUBLIC NOTICE NO -33/2015-20, Dated: September 04, 2015

SION for 'Dipped Belting Fabrics (EP) Conveyor Duck/Synthetic Fabrics of Nylon 6/66 & Polyester 840 Denier and above' in the Textiles Product is being notified.

DGFT NOTIFICATION NO -19/2015-2020, Dated: September 04, 2015

Textiles and Textile Articles originating from specific countries as in para 2.III above are exempted from testing of samples for presence of Azo Dyes.

Customs Notification No - 90/2015(N.T.), Dated: September 04, 2015 

CBEC appoints the Additional/Joint Commissioner of Customs, Inland Container Depot, Patparganj, Gazipur Village, Delhi to act as a Common Adjudicating Authority

Customs Notification No. 84/2015 (N.T.) Dated 03/09/2015

Rate of exchange of conversion of the foreign currency with effect from 4th September, 2015

A.P. (DIR Series) Circular No.10 Dated 03/09/2015

Deferred Payment Protocols dated April 30, 1981 and December 23, 1985 between Government of India and erstwhile USSR

CBEC Circular No. 22/2015-Customs Dated 03/09/2015

Delay in furnishing reply to the Queries raised by the Department- CBEC issues guidelines 

CBDT Circular No. 15 of 2015 Dated 3rd September, 2015

Clarifications on Tax Compliance for Undisclosed Foreign Income and Assets

POLICY CIRCULAR NO- 03/2015-20, Dated: September 2, 2015

Applicability of Para 5.10 (d) of Handbook of Procedure, 2015-20 relating to third party exports under EPCG Scheme

CBDT Order U/s 119 Dt.2-9-2015

Order under Section 119 of the Income-tax Act. 1961 - Extending Due Date For Filing ROI For All Assessees

CBDT Instruction No. 08/ 2015 Dt.31-8-2015

CBDT issues instruction regarding Compulsory manual selection of cases for scrutiny during the Financial Year 2015-2016

Customs Notification -83/2015(N.T.), Dated: August 31, 2015

Govt hikes Tariff Value of Gold and lowers that of Silver

PUBLIC NOTICE NO-30/2015-20, Dated: August 26, 2015

Procedure for filing applications under MEIS and SEIS by units located in SEZs and EOUs has been further clarified.

PUBLIC NOTICE NO-31/2015-20, Dated: August 26, 2015

An enabling provision has been incorporated in paragraph (7) of Appendix 6-B of Appendices and Aayat Niryat Forms of FTP 2015-20 so as to enable the Board of Approval to consider and decide the cases for extension of Letter of Permission of existing EOUs.

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New scope for utilisation of credit of Education and SHE Cess for payment of basic excise duty

New scope for utilisation of credit of Education and SHE Cess for payment of basic excise dutyRule 3(7)(b) of the CCR, 2004 has been amended vide Notification No.12/2015-Central Excise (N.T.), dated 30.04.2015 so as ...