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Service tax bouncer to IPL players

Service tax bouncer to IPL players

Mar 18, 2012: Celebrations of Sachin Tendulkar's

century of centuries may be short-lived in the cricket fraternity as the master

blaster and his teammates will soon have to pay service tax on fees earned by

them. Ditto for players participating in the World Series Hockey.

With the changes proposed in the Budget, the government is going to levy 12%

service tax on all domestic and foreign players participating in IPL tournament

or any other sporting event, which is not the recognised format of the game.

So, the match fee for a test match or a Ranji game will not be taxed but

earnings in private leagues will be. "This is entertainment and not promotion of

the game," said an official.

The cheer leaders of the game have also not skipped the attention of the taxmen.

They will also be taxed in the same manner as the players.

This will also bring into tax net players and franchisees participating in

events such as the World Hockey Series. Earlier, only franchisees were levied

service tax on their earnings.

With this Budget, all foreign and domestic players have been brought under its

ambit. Already, these players were made to shell out tax on their earnings from

endorsements of various brands.

"Any game that is not the recognised format of sports will come under the

service tax ambit," said S K Goel, chairman of the Central Board of Excise and


Besides, the IPL and other sporting events, beauty pageants and reality shows,

too, have been brought under the tax net. So, anyone stepping into Big Boss or

any such TV reality shows, and making an income, will have to pay a service tax

of 12%. Revenue estimates have not been available so far from these categories

of taxpayers.

The revenue generated in the tax category by bringing in more services under the

tax net will get the government an additional income of Rs 18,660 crore next

year out of a total of Rs 45,950 crore gain in the indirect tax revenue.

In the Budget 2010-11, the government had brought air travel, Bollywood movies,

IPL cricket, beauty pageants and lotteries under the service tax net.

However, this time it has added players and participants in the list of and has

put cinematography in the exempted category. While IPL cricket and events like

beauty pageants fetch the government upwards of Rs 100 crore each, the addition

of participants and players will further jack up this income.

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